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Website (CMS) Systems

An architecture that can accommodate a small to expansive web presence.

A web site is an integral part of business today. If your potential customer views any of your traditional or digital marketing material and can't access your business online you're credibility takes a huge hit, often catostrphic to acquiring new business relationships.

As many business owners know, credibility is an important aspect of establishing your services or products brand and your company's web presence is the vehicle which clients often choose as their first interaction with your business.

  1. Are you taking advantage of these initial interactions?
  2. Are you maximizing your web presence as a vehicle to increase sales?
  3. Is your current web site converting your visitors to customers?

As the web has evolved visitors has become more savvy and require more information, yet simplicity is a key factor in retaining the short attention span of today's web users. With that basic fundamental in mind being able to add and change the information on your website is key to better conversions.

My philosophy handed down by my father is simple... "You start off wrong - you end off wrong".

The foundation that you create your initial business web site needs to be able to adapt to your growing business and the increasing needs of your customers. After developing web sites for over 10 years now, I have created a solution that adapts quickly to the needs of any business.


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